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Mezcala Stone Standing Figure - PF.2344
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Mezcala Stone Standing Figure - PF.2344,Origin: Guerrero, Mexico,Circa: 300 BC to 100 BC,Dimensions: 4.125" (10.5cm) high,Collection: Pre-Columbian,Style: Mezcala,Medium: Stone. Along the region of the Rio Mezcala in the Central portion of the Mexican state of Guerrero, an ancient culture evolved which created highly expressive and powerful stone ritual objects such as this stunning anthropomorphic axe. Possibly springing from the same roots as the famous Olmec culture, the people of Mezcala imbued these Celts, axes used for hafting, with both magical and spiritual symbolism. The talented Mezcala artists who created these dynamic ritual Celts developed a powerful, expressive style of abstraction remarkably close to that of many modern artists. In stone carvings such as this, a few deftly chiseled lines and shapes produce an abstracted human figure that clearly expresses all the powerful and essential elements of its being. Although the Ancient Mezcala people themselves remain an enigmatic mystery, they reach out and share with us, through their extraordinary works of art, the timeless and Universal beauty of life's expression.

Ancient Central America & Mexico
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