Roman Gold Aureus of Emperor Vespasian - SK.076 - For Sale

Roman Gold Aureus of Emperor Vespasian - SK.076
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Roman Gold Aureus of Emperor Vespasian - SK.076Origin: MediterraneanCirca: 69 AD to 79 ADCollection: Roman CoinsMedium: Gold.Despite his humble origins, Vespasian’s military skill carried him to a series of important posts and he commanded part of the forces that invaded Britain under Claudius. In 67 AD Nero appointed him to quell the Jewish rebellion and he prosecuted the war successfully during the troubled period following Nero’s death. On July 1st 69 AD, the legions at Alexandria proclaimed him emperor and the Danubian legions followed suit and invaded Italy, defeating the forces of Vitellius at the Battle of Cremona. Vespasian reached Rome in 70 AD and quickly set about repairing the damage caused by the civil wars. He proved to be a just and industrious ruler and the condition of the state soon improved. After his death in 79 AD he was deified by the Senate. - (SK.076 )

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