Roman Gold Aureus of Emperor Nero - SK.077 - For Sale

Roman Gold Aureus of Emperor Nero - SK.077
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Roman Gold Aureus of Emperor Nero - SK.077Origin: MediterraneanCirca: 54 AD to 68 ADCollection: Roman CoinsMedium: Gold.Born at Antium in 37 AD, Nero was later adopted by the Emperor Claudius in 50 AD. Succeeding to the throne in 54 AD, he soon became notorious for his excesses. He was very enthusiastic about art and sport but his extravagances and vanity made him unpopular and it was rumoured that he had started the great fire which destroyed half of Rome in 64 AD. In 68 AD revolt broke out simultaneously in Gaul, Spain and Africa, the Praetorians at Rome deserted him and Nero fled, later committing suicide. - (SK.077 )

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