#9768: EGYPTIAN TOMB Ushabti - New Kingdom:1,550 to 525 BC - For Sale

#9768: EGYPTIAN TOMB Ushabti - New Kingdom:1,550 to 525 BC
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This item is an Egyptian USHABTI. These are some of the most interesting and collectable artifacts from ancient Egypt. Ushabtis are magical statues found in tombs. Egyptians believed these Ushabtis would come to life and serve the dead in their after life and do any unpleasant chore the deceased might be called upon to perform in the afterlife. Because the daily life of ancient Egyptians centered on agriculture, these Ushabtis took on the appearance of field workers. They were mummiform, so as to be identified with Osiris, the god of the dead, but their hands were protruding from the bandages so they could do the work.

Ancient Egyptian
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