#6380: Byzantine Follis, 641 to 668 AD, Constans II - For Sale

#6380: Byzantine Follis, 641 to 668 AD, Constans II
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Historical Context: Constans was the son of Heraclius Constantine and was made co-Emperor at age 11 in 641 AD. During the early part of his reign, the Arabs concurred Egypt, which was a tremendous lost to the Byzantine because Egypt was a rich province. He also faced down revolts in Norhtern Africa and Italy. He successfully led a campaign against the Slavs in the Balkans. He was ultimately assassinated and succeeded by his son. Obv: Constans II, Rev: Large "M" and legend, The "M" specifies the coin's denomination. It refers to the Greek equivalent of 40, indicating this is a follis equal to 40 Nummia. Above the "M" is a Christian cross. On left "ANNO," meaning year and the year of their reign on right "II," Year 2.Diameter: 24 mm diameter (about the size of a US Quarter),Condition: Fine.

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