#6986: Byzantine Bronze -- 602 to 610 AD, Reign of Phocas - For Sale

#6986: Byzantine Bronze -- 602 to 610 AD, Reign of Phocas
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Historical Context: This coin was minted by the ROMAION (Byzantine) EMPIRE (Remnants of the ROMAN EMPIRE) during the reign of Phocas minted about 602 to 610 AD. The big "XX" specifies the coin's denomination. The Romaion Empire rose from the remnants of the ROMAN EMPIRE and based on its founding on EARLY CHRISTIANITY in CONSTANOPLE by Constantine the Great (around 320 AD). Attribution: The obverse (front) of this coin is Phocas wearing a crown. The reverse is the big "M" and the dating as described above. This coin is in "about Fine" condition. The strike is strong on both sides. This coin is BRONZE measuring about 23 mm diameter (slightly larger than a US nickel).

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