#9703 Tetradrachm of Athens, 5th Century BC,GREAT STYLE !!! - For Sale

#9703 Tetradrachm of Athens, 5th Century BC,GREAT STYLE !!!
Price: $319.00
Historical Context: This coin was minted in Athens about mid 4th Century BC. Throughout most of the 5th century BC, after the Persian defeat, Athens ruled the Aegean world and became a great cultural and political center. The Peloponnesian War, 431-404 BC, drained Athens of her wealth, which led the way for Sparta and later the Macedonian Empire under Philip II (Father of Alexander the Great) to take control of the Greek World.

Obv: Athena her helmet adorned in front with three olive leaves
Rev: Owl, Olive branch, AQ E ("Athens")
Diameter: 22 mm (the size of a US Quarter but 3 times as thick)
Weight: 17.1 grams
Condition: Fine, some toning, test cut on rev

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