#10241 Silver Stater - 520 to 510 BC, Ionia, Teos - For Sale

#10241 Silver Stater - 520 to 510 BC, Ionia, Teos
Price: $849.00
Historical Context: Teos was a flourishing seaport with two fine harbours until Cyrus the Great invaded Lydia and Ionia (ca. 540 BC). The Teans found it prudent to retire overseas, to the newly founded colonies of Abdera in Thrace and Phanagoria on the Asian side of the Cimmerian Bosporus. The port was revived by Antigonus Cyclops; and Epicurus reportedly studied there under Nausiphanes, a disciple of Democritus. During the times of the Roman emperors, the town was noted for its wine, a theatre and Temple of Dionysus. These are positioned near the acropolis, which is situated on a low hill and had fortifications by the sixth century.

Obv: Griffen, raising claw
Rev: Incuse Punch
Diameter: 21 mm diameter (the size of a US Nickel but twice as thick)
Weight: 12.1 grams
Condition: Very Fine

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