#10739: SILVER Drachm-310 BC, Alexander the Great in LION SKIN !! - For Sale

#10739: SILVER Drachm-310 BC, Alexander the Great in LION SKIN !!
Price: $149.00
Historical Context: This coin was minted by the one of the CELTIC TRIBES some the after the death of Alexander the Great, around 320-300 BC. The Macedonian empire was founded by Alexander I but carried forward by others including Philip II (Father of Alexander the Great) and ALEXANDER the GREAT. Philip II developed the army and tactics that enabled Alexander the Great to accomplish his victories. Alexander the Great is considered the greatest military general ever. After his death, many of regions conquered by Alexander minted coins of this motif in his honor.

Obv: Alexander the Great as Herakles (Hercules). He is wearing a Lion Skin. The Lion Skin is from the Nemeaen Lion killed by Hercules with his bare hands.
Rev: Zeus seated, holding an Eagle in his outstretched hand
Diameter: 18 mm diameter and weighs about 4 grams (almost the size of a US Penny)
Condition: Very Fine

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