#10675 SILVER STATER - 370 BC, Corinthia, PEGASUS FLYING !! SHARP !! - For Sale

#10675 SILVER STATER - 370 BC, Corinthia, PEGASUS FLYING !! SHARP !!
Price: $269.00
Historical Context: This coin was minted in CORINTHIA between 400 - 350 BC. Cornithia was located in the southern coatsal area of anceint Greece. It was one of four cities used for the ancient atheletic games (Olympia was another). It was the site of the 30 year Peloponnesian War -- One of the greatest wars of all time. Corinth derived much of its wealth and power from their control of trade in the Mediterranean. The Pegasus (Colts of Corinth) was a city standard from centuries.

Obv: Pegasus
Rev: Athena
Weight: 7.4 grams
Diameter: 20 mm (about the diameter of a US nickel and twice as thick)
Condition: about Very Fine plus, Nicely toned

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