#10154 SILVER STATER - 443 to 400 BC, Thourioi - For Sale

#10154 SILVER STATER - 443 to 400 BC, Thourioi
Price: $199.00
Historical Context: Thourioi was an Athenian colony in 443 BC. It was located in southern most region of Lucania ( Southern Italy ). This area was located near the site of ruined Sybaris and was intially called New Sybaris and later changed to Thourioi. These types may be connected with the Italian campaign of the Epeirote King Alexander the Molossian, 334-330 BC, when he achieved a great victory over the Lucanians.

Obv: Athena in Helmet
Rev: Bull butting right
Diameter: 19 mm (almost the diameter of a US nickel and twice as thick)
Weight: 6.8 grams
Condition: Very Fine plus, Original Hoard toned, Scrape marks on edge

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Museum Surplus
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Email : MuseumSurplus@aol.com
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