#10246 SILVER Stater- 393 to 370 BC Reign of Amyntas III - For Sale

#10246 SILVER Stater- 393 to 370 BC Reign of Amyntas III
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Historical Context: This coin was minted byu the Macedonia Empire during the reign of Amyntas III (393 to 370 BC). Amyntas III was the son of Arrhidaeus and father of Philip II, was king of Macedon in 393 BC, and again from 392 to 370 BC. He came to the throne after the ten years of confusion which followed the death of Archelaus I, the patron of art and literature. But he had many enemies at home; in 393 he was driven out by the Illyrians, but in the following year, with the aid of the Thessalians, he recovered his kingdom. Medius, head of the house of the Aleuadae of Larissa, is believed to have provided aid to Amyntas in recovering his throne. The mutual relations between the Argeadae and the Aleuadae dates to the time of Archelaus I.

Note: The coin may be a fourrie, meaning it has a copper core. However, that is not ceretain. The coin does weight tot he correct weight standard and the exposed core looks like it may be crystalized silver (as expected for the standard issue), not copper.

Obv: Mature Herakles
Rev: Horse Standing
Diameter: 21 mm diameter (the size of a US Nickel but two times as thick)
Weight: 8.5 grams
Condition: Very Fine, Deep Toning

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