#10278 GREEK SILVER Drachm Gaul, Massalia, 200-150 BC - For Sale

#10278 GREEK SILVER Drachm Gaul, Massalia, 200-150 BC
Price: $219.00
Historical Context: Massalia, modern day Marseilles, France, was one of the first Greek ports in Western Europe. It was the first settlement given city status in France. Facing an opposing alliance of the Etruscans, Carthage and the Celts, the Greek colony allied itself with the expanding Roman Republic for protection. This protectionist association brought aid in the event of future attacks, and perhaps equally important, it also brought the people of Massalia into the complex Roman market. The city thrived by acting as a link between inland Gaul, hungry for Roman goods and wine (which Massalia was steadily exporting by 500 BC), and Rome's insatiable need for new products and slaves. Under this arrangement the city maintained its independence until the rise of Julius Caesar, when it joined the losing side (Pompey and the optimates) in civil war, and lost its independence in 49 BC.

Obv: Artemis
Rev: Lion Leaping
Diameter: 16 mm diameter (slightly smaller than a US Dime, but, thicker)
Condition: Very Fine, Some Toning

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