#9382 Silver Didrachm – 400 to 335 BC Hyria Campania - For Sale

#9382 Silver Didrachm – 400 to 335 BC Hyria Campania
Price: $99.95
Historical Context: This coin was minted in Syracuse during the 5th and 4th centuries BC. Campania was a Greek region on the western shore of Italy. These coins "Romano-Campanian" didrachms were deliberately intended to supplant the Greek didrachms in southern Italy. Some were actually produced by Greek mints acting under Roman direction.

Obv: Athena in Crested Helmet
Rev: Manheaded Bull, Nike above
Diameter: 20 mm diameter
(about the size of a US Nickel, 2 times as thick)
Condition: about Fine, nice toning

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Museum Surplus
P.O. Box 6862
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Email : MuseumSurplus@aol.com
Phone : (949) 290-2360

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