#10696 Silver Drachm – 340 to 294 BC Euboia Chalkis - For Sale

#10696 Silver Drachm – 340 to 294 BC Euboia Chalkis
Price: $129.00
Historical Context: CHALKIS 340-294 BC: Chalkis was located on the Western Shore of Euboia and the principle city of Euboia. Euboia was a large island off mainland Greece in the Aegean Sea. Based on its huge production of silver coinage in the 4th Cent BC, it was apparently of significant commercial importance.

Obv: Hera, Queen of Heaven
Rev: Eagle, Snake in Talons
Diameter: 18 mm diameter (about the size of aUS Dime, but, twice as thick)
Condition: about Fine, some toning

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