#10293 BRONZE Coin - Pelinna - 3rd Century BC - For Sale

#10293 BRONZE Coin - Pelinna - 3rd Century BC
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Historical Context: Pelinna was an ancient Greek city with a celebrated temple of Zeus Pelinnaeus, in Estiaeotis, ancient Thessaly. Pelinna was situated between Tricca and Pharcadon, near modern Palaiogardiki (Trikala prefecture). The city gained particular prominence in the fourth century BC through its alliance with Philip II of Macedon. Among other archaeological evidence of the religious significance of Pelinna are two Orphic gold tablets (lamellae) found in 1985 on the site of Petroporos, dating to the late 4th century BC.

Obv: Veiled Femail
Rev: Horseman
Diameter: 18 mm across (about the diameter of a US Penny, but, twice as thick)
Condition: Fine

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