#5961: Bronze Sestertius - 240 AD, “Boy” Emperor - Gordian III!! MURDERED !! - For Sale

#5961: Bronze Sestertius - 240 AD, “Boy” Emperor - Gordian III!! MURDERED !!
Price: $149.00
Historical Context: This coin was minted by the ROMAN EMPIRE during the reign of GORDIAN III (238-244 AD). Gordian III was the grandson of Gordian I. He became known as "The Boy Emperor." In a political move, he was given the title of Caesar by the joint emperors Balbinus and Pupienus at age 13 years. Upon their deaths he was raised to the rank of emperor (Augustus). Little is known about his reign. There was a rebellion in Africa, promptly suppressed, in 240 AD. He is believed to be generally successful. Gordian was deposed and murdered near Circesium in Mesopotamia apparently a plot by his successor, Philip I ("The Arab"). Obv: Gordian III Rev: Aequitas (Roman Equity") !! Diameter: 31 mm diameter (about the size of a US $.50 - BIG for this issue) Condition: Very Fine/about Fine

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