Antique Turkish Rug 2794 - For Sale

Antique Turkish Rug 2794
Price: $1850.00
Antique Turkish Rug, Turkey, late nineteenth centuryA striking contrast of burnt sienna and magenta plays with the sea-foam green lying beneath the mihrab. Ornamented with geometric motifs this antique Turkish prayer rug utilizes symbolism particular to Anatolian culture. The sing, placed all throughout the mihrab, expresses a young woman's wish to get married. A form of communication for the weaver this particular antique Turkish rug outlines her sentiments meanwhile maintaining undercurrents of religious motifs. Alternating bands make up several narrow borders that focus on the geometric symbols adorning the border and field. The expressive abstract nature of this rug makes this an outstanding piece, but the rich palette effectively enhances the design and detail of this antique Turkish rug.
Style: Turkish
Origin: Turkey
Size: 2. ft 09 in x 3. ft 10 in (0.84 m x 1.17 m)

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1 Nazmiyal Collection
31 East 32nd St.
Floor #2
New York-10016
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