#10112 SILVER Antoninianus - 252 AD Valerian Mars - God of War - For Sale

#10112 SILVER Antoninianus - 252 AD Valerian Mars - God of War
Price: $29.95
Historical Context: This coin was minted by the ROMAN EMPIRE during the reign of VALERIAN I (253-260 AD). Valerian rose through the ranks and became Augustus (Emperor). He was a competent ruler and sought remedies for the chaos that had beseiged the empire, including battling the Persian ruler Shapur. Valerian foolishly met with Shapur regarding a peace agreement. Shapur captured him and made him a slave using him to mount his horse. In a cruel twist, Shapur later had Valerian killed, skinned, and his skin was tanned into leather. That leather was used to make a footstool Shapur used to mount his horse.

Obv: Valerian
Rev: Mars, God of War
Diameter: 21 mm diameter (about the diameter of a US Nickel)
Condition: Fine

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