Bronze Coin of Emperor Arcadius - C.6029 - For Sale

Bronze Coin of Emperor Arcadius - C.6029
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Bronze Coin of Emperor Arcadius - C.6029Origin: Minted in ConstantinaCirca: 383 AD to 408 ADCollection: NumismaticsStyle: RomanMedium: Bronze.The Roman Empire was permanently divided into East and West in the year 395 A.D. when Arcadius was made emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire upon the death of his father, Theodosius I. Arcadius’ brother, Honorius, was given the Western Roman Empire to rule. Although there had been both an eastern and a western emperor since the time of Diocletian, the empire had always been ruled as if it had been one empire with two halves. After 395, each half took on the character of a separate empire, with the western empire retaining the Latin language and European culture and traditions while the inhabitants of the eastern empire spoke Greek and adopted a culture combining Greek, Middle Eastern, and North African elements. Arcadius was married to an intelligent and powerful woman, Eudoxia, who wielded much influence in the politics of the empire and the Church. Arcadius died at the palace of Constantinople from illness on May 1, A.D. 408. His son Theodosius II succeeded him on the throne.

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