Gold Ring with Faience Eye of Horus Amulet - FJ.6890c - For Sale

Gold Ring with Faience Eye of Horus Amulet - FJ.6890c
Price: $3300.00
Origin: Egypt
Circa: 1600 BC to 1100 BC
Collection: Egyptian Collection
Style: Amulets
Medium: Faience+Gold
The Ancient Egyptians believed the wedjat eye was the most powerful protection against evil. Ever-vigilant against bad luck and misfortune, the symbolic eye of the god Horus was worn by king and peasant alike. Though the eye was sometimes fashioned in gold and precious stones, it was thought to be at its most powerful when colored blue. The tradition of blue amulets guarding against harm is a very ancient one. Throughout the Mediterranean world today, one sees beads and talismans of bright blue, which are meant to avert the evil eye of bad luck. In Egypt, peasants dip the palm of their hands in blue paint and press their palms against the sides of their houses. When the Egyptian Empire was at its glorious height, this faience eye of the god Horus was worn by some long-forgotten person to bring good fortune and luck. Much has changed in the world since then, but the power of this talisman remains strong and benevolent as always. Whoever wears it today in its golden frame will surely benefit from its ancient magic as well. - (FJ.6890c)

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