Bronze Coin of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius - FJ.3360 - For Sale

Bronze Coin of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius - FJ.3360
Price: $2800.00
Origin: Antioch, Syria
Circa: 161 AD to 180 AD
Collection: Coin Jewelry
Style: Roman
Medium: Bronze and Gold
Additional Information: This gorgeous coin is set in an 18-karat gold ring.
Marcus Aurelius ruled during Rome’s golden age. A gifted statesman and philosopher, his book of meditations still offers insight into the workings of power. In Rome, his magnificent equestrian statue awes visitors to the Capitoline hill with its air of benevolent authority. The obverse of this bronze coin is adorned with the emperor's noble portrait; on the reverse in the head of a rearing horse, perhaps recalling the famous mounted statue. In a ring of classic simplicity, it is certain to make whoever wears it feel like royalty. - (FJ.3360)

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