Coin of Roman Emperor Constans - FJ.5667 - For Sale

Coin of Roman Emperor Constans - FJ.5667
Price: $2500.00
Origin: Holy Land
Circa: 337 AD to 350 AD
Collection: Roman Bronze Coin Ring
Medium: Gold/ Bronze
Additional Information: This coin is mounted in a lovely ring of 18 karat gold.
Flavius Julius Constans, the youngest son of Constantine and Fausta, was born about 320 A.D. and raised to the rank of Caesar in 333. On the division of the empire he received Italy, Africa, and the Balkans, though he later surrendered Thrace and Constantinople to his brother Constantius in 339. In 340 his brother, Constantine, invaded his territories but was defeated and killed, leaving Constans master of the western half of the empire. During the following decade he campaigned against the barbarians with considerable success, and in 343 he visited Britain, the last reigning monarch to do so, in order to repel the Picts and Scots. In 350, however, while on a hunting expedition to Gaul, he received word that Magnentius had rebelled at Augustodunum (Autun) and that the legions had joined the revolt. Constans thereupon fled in the direction of Spain, but was overtaken and murdered near the fortress of Helene at the foot of the Pyrenees. - (FJ.5667)

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