Bronze Coin of Constantius II - FJ.6372 - For Sale

Bronze Coin of Constantius II - FJ.6372
Price: $2200.00
Origin: Israel
Circa: 337 AD to 361 BC
Collection: Roman Coin Pendant
Medium: Bronze-Gold
Constantius II was the third son of Constantine I. After his father' s death he was given the title of Augustus in the east. The government of the vast empire was divided between himself and his two brothers Constans and Constantine II. Initially Constantius' main threat came from Persian incursions into northern Mesopotamia. Another problem arose in the west with German advances across the Rhine. To deal with this menace Constantius appointed his cousin Julian, an act that was to turn against him. After successful campaigns Julian was proclaimed emperor by his army. Constantius mobilized his forces to meet this threat, but died on route in Cilicia. This coin shows him facing right wearing diadem and cuirass. On the reverse are two soldiers standing either side of a military standard. Set in solid gold ibis ring would have been suitable for an emperor as powerful as Constantius II. - (FJ.6372)

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