Calabrian Bronze Coin of Tarentum - FJ.6740 - For Sale

Calabrian Bronze Coin of Tarentum - FJ.6740
Price: $2600.00
Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: 4 th Century BC to 3 rd Century BC
Medium: Bronze-Gold
Taras, known as Tarentum to the Romans, was located on a bay opening into what is now called the Gulf of Taranto. It was the only colony of Sparta, founded by a group responding to instructions from the Delphic Oracle, and, with the only good port on the southeastern coast of Italy, it became a thriving commercial center known for its luxury. Taras was often in conflict with its Italian neighbors and it regularly sought help from foreign mercenaries. When threatened by the Romans c. 281 B.C., Taras called in Pyrrhos of Epeiros, who came to Italy the next year with men and elephants. He fought the Romans in several battles but in 275 B.C. withdrew from Taras and went to assist the Greek cities in Sicily against their enemies the Carthaginians; Taras eventually surrendered to Rome.The rich, patinated bronze of this ancient coin is elegantly contrasted to the luminous gold ring. Together, they perfectly complement each other. The head of a helmeted warrior graces the front of this coin. Although cities rise and fall and great empires soon dissolve, the achievements of antiquity will always be remembered. This coin is a testament to an era, a city, and its people. Today, it is no relic locked behind a glass case; but a glorious ring set in gold. When placed on our fingers, the glories of old are rekindled and the past comes alive again in the present. - (FJ.6740)

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