Bronze Coin from Panticapaion - FJ.6749 - For Sale

Bronze Coin from Panticapaion - FJ.6749
Price: $2900.00
Origin: Black Sea Area
Circa: 4 th Century BC to 3 rd Century BC
Medium: Bronze-Gold
The ancient city of Panticapaion, also spelled Panticapaeum in Latin, is known today by the name of Kerch, a contemporary city and seaport in southern Ukraine, on the western shore of the Strait of Kerch separating the Black Sea from the Sea of Azov. Founded in the 6th century B.C. by Miletan Greeks, it flourished as a trading center, and in the 5th century became the capital of the ancient Greek state known as the Cimmerian Bosporus. Abundant archaeological evidence of its wealth occurs in catacombs and burial mounds, notably the King's Mound. Later a part of the Roman Empire, Panticapaeum suffered severely from barbarian invasions and was devastated by the Huns in 375 A.D.The image of the god of shepherds and flocks, Pan, graces the front of this coin. Pan is generally depicted as a satyr with a reed pipe, a shepherd's crook and a branch of pine or crown of pine needles. He had a wrinkled face with a very prominent chin. On his forehead were two horns and his body was hairy. Here, he is shown with a full beard, long flowing hair that almost covers his horns, and a prominent chin. Mounted in a stunning modern ring, this coin is presented in an appropriate fashion. Wearing this ring connects us to the past, to an ancient civilization and an ancient capital city. History come alive again, no longer relegated to the past, but now appearing stylish and contemporary set in this fashionable ring. - (FJ.6749)

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