Bronze Coin of Jewish War Against Rome - FJ.3432 - For Sale

Bronze Coin of Jewish War Against Rome - FJ.3432
Price: $2400.00
Origin: Israel (Jerusalem)
Circa: 66 AD to 70 AD
Collection: Coin Jewelry
Medium: Bronze/Gold
Additional Information: This inspiring coin is set in an 18 karat gold ring.
The men and women who first held and used this coin shared a dream of freedom. Minted centuries ago in a time of struggle, the coin bears imagery that looks forward to an age of peace and abundance. When we hold it today, we feel the power of those ancient dreams, the hopes and desires of people who valued freedom enough to fight for it. In a frame of radiant gold, this splendid token celebrates the past but also looks forward to the future. - (FJ.3432)

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Barakat Gallery
405 North Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills
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Phone : 310.859.8408

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