Gold Coin of Roman Emperor Constans II - FJ.6306 - For Sale

Gold Coin of Roman Emperor Constans II - FJ.6306
Price: $4600.00
Origin: Israel
Circa: 641 AD to 68 BC
Collection: Byzantine Gold Coin Rings
Medium: Gold
As was the case with many emperors Constans II had to deal with invasions and incursions on many of the empires frontiers. By the age of eleven he was made coemperor, and spent his youth amidst court intrigue and wars. Though Egypt was lost to the Byzantines in A.D.642, Constans achieved considerable success against the Slavs in A.D.658. Towards the end of his reign he look the unprecedented step of removing his residence to the West. Making slow progess through the provinces, he finally settled in Syracuse where he established his imperial capital. This beautiful gold coin shows Constans facing right wearing diadem and cuirass. On the reverse is the cross potent on a globe with the surrounding legend VICTORIA AVGUS. This luminous coin is quite rare, just as the person who chooses to wear something so unique. - (FJ.6306)

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