Silver Denarius Of Roman Emperor Hadrian - FJ.2133 - For Sale

Silver Denarius Of Roman Emperor Hadrian - FJ.2133
Price: $2340.00
Origin: Israel (Sebastia, Samaria)
Circa: 117 AD to 138 AD
Collection: Roman
Medium: Silver-Gold-Iolite
Additional Information: This ancient coin is set in a pendant of 18 karat gold and strung in a necklace with genuine iolite beads and a with a 14 karat gold clasp.The name Iolite derives from the Greek word for purple, for this exquisite gem is found in deep shades of violet or blue. Since the dawn of civilization, purple has also been the color associated with royalty, for in antiquity only the most wealthy nobles could afford cloth dyed in that shade. In this gorgeous necklace, the silver image of a great Roman Emperor is set to perfection amid the deep glow of Iolite. Whoever wears this striking jewel is certain to feel like royalty themselves. - (FJ.2133)

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