Bronze Coin Of Roman Emperor Galerius - FJ.3904 - For Sale

Bronze Coin Of Roman Emperor Galerius - FJ.3904
Price: $2400.00
Origin: Syria (Antioch)
Circa: 305 AD to 311 AD
Collection: Roman
Medium: Tourmaline-Gold
Additional Information: This Ancient coin is mounted in a pendant of 18 karat gold and strung in a necklace of genuine tourmaline beads with a 14 karat gold clasp
The love of ornament is as old as civilization itself. Throughout the world, in every great culture, beautiful jewels have been prized for their ability to draw out the natural charms of the wearer. The wearing of precious jewelry is an art form in itself, for our adornment says a great deal about how we view ourselves as individuals. This delightful necklace, blending rich-colored tourmaline with a bronze coin from the Roman Empire, is ideal for someone at once innovative and classical in his or her tastes. As with all life’s finer pleasures, the joy such as jewel provides is timeless and enduring. - (FJ.3904)

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