Silver Denarius Of Roman Empress Julia Domna - FJ.4100 - For Sale

Silver Denarius Of Roman Empress Julia Domna - FJ.4100
Price: $1800.00
Origin: Syria (Latakya)
Circa: 193 AD to 217 AD
Collection: Roman
Medium: Silver-Tourmaline
Brilliant and beautiful, Julia Domna was at the heart of a splendid court. Famous for her wit and her charm, she was the trusted advisor of three roman emperors. A woman of taste, she surely would have approved of this exquisite necklace, which sets her lovely silver portrait amid the radiance of gold and the warm glow of tourmaline. Though she may not be an empress, the woman who wears this superb jewel today is certain to have many qualities in common with Julia Domna. - (FJ.4100)

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