Silver Denarius Of Roman Emperor Trajan - FJ.4102 - For Sale

Silver Denarius Of Roman Emperor Trajan - FJ.4102
Price: $2100.00
Origin: Israel (Sebastia, Samaria)
Circa: 98 AD to 117 AD
Collection: Roman
Medium: Silver-Tourmaline
The Roman nobility surrounded themselves with rare and precious treasures brought from the far corners of the empire. Silks from China, gems from India, perfumes from Arabia, all traveled by caravan for years to adorn the beauties of the court. This exquisite necklace blends the coin portrait of a great emperor with the soft hues of tourmaline, valued since antiquity as a healing stone. In ancient Rome as today this jewel would have elicited gasps of admiration. It proves that classic beauty never goes out of fashion. - (FJ.4102)

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