Coins From the 2nd Year of the 1st Jewish War Against Rome - FJ.6957 - For Sale

Coins From the 2nd Year of the 1st Jewish War Against Rome - FJ.6957
Price: $2250.00
Origin: Israel
Circa: 67 AD
Medium: Bronze/Gold
In 66 A.D., while Nero was Emperor of Rome, the last Roman Procurator Florian was accused of stealing from the Temple. To mock him, protestors took up a collection of coins for the relief of the "poverty-stricken" Procurator. Showing a rather poor sense of humor, Florian sent troops to put down the disorder. This led to a full-scale rebellion. The Roman troops eventually surrendered, but were killed anyway. By now, the rebellion had grown to a full-scale war. The Jews in Jerusalem started minting their own coins, with victory slogans, such as the Perutah. But there was also fighting among the Jews, as the more extreme elements took control from (and eliminated) the moderate leaders, under whom the rebellion had started. Nero sent his distinguished general, Vespasian, to stamp out the Jewish rebellion. But political troubles at home led Nero to commit suicide, and Vespasian headed back to Rome to claim the Emperorship for himself, leaving his son Titus in charge of the Judean campaign. Vespasian was ultimately successful in his quest for the throne, and as Titus was also ultimately successful in crushing the Judean rebellion. As a finishing touch, the Temple where the last of the Jewish rebels in Jerusalem had holed up was burned to the ground in 70 B.C. These ancient coins were minted in Jerusalem during the second year of the war against Rome. Mounted on the reverse, these coins feature a vine leaf and the Hebrew legend "The Freedom of Zion.” The obverse is adorned with a two- handled broad rimmed amphora and bears the inscription: "Year Two.” Set in a stunning pair of modern 18 Karat gold earrings, these coins are a gorgeous memorial to the enduring struggle of the Jewish people. - (FJ.6957)

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