Bronze Antoninianus of Emperor Claudius Gothicus - C.4701 - For Sale

Bronze Antoninianus of Emperor Claudius Gothicus - C.4701
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Bronze Antoninianus of Emperor Claudius Gothicus - C.4701Origin: MediterraneanCirca: 268 AD to 270 ADCollection: NumismaticsStyle: RomanMedium: Bronze.Claudius Gothicus was a native of Illyricum who rose to high rank in the Roman army, ultimately serving as the deputy commander of the army under Emperor Gallienus. During the siege of Milan, Claudius conspired along with Aurelian and Heraclianus to murder Gallienus in August of 268 A.D. After the successful execution, Claudius was elevated to the throne. Immeadiatey after assuming the throne, Claudius had to deal with barbarian invaders, specifically the Alemanni who managed to infiltrate Northern Italy. After repelling these invaders, Claudius stopped by Rome to pay homage to the Senate and the people while en route to the Balkans. There, he delivered a resounding defeat to the much larger Goth army, eliminating them as a threat to the empire for the next hundred years and earning him the nickname, “Gothicus.” With the Eastern front secured, Claudius now turned his attentions to Gaul where the opening moves of a campaign to suppress the Gallic secessionist state had already begun. However, before the anticipated invasion could be staged, Claudius fell victim to the plague at Sirmium and passed away in January of 270 A.D.

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