Gold Pendant with Phoenician Silver Tetradrachm from Aradus - FJ.6997 - For Sale

Gold Pendant with Phoenician Silver Tetradrachm from Aradus - FJ.6997
Price: $3500.00
Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: 128 BC to 127 BC
Collection: Jewelry
Style: Phoenician Coin Pendant
Medium: Silver and Gold
The obverse of this coin depicts the personification of the Phoenician city Aradus. Aradus, modern Arwad, is an islet and town North of Tripoli, two miles of the Syrian coast. In antiquity, it was the most important Northern center of the Phoenician Empire. The reverse of the coin displays a representation of Nike, the Goddess of Victory along with an inscription. The great Phoenician Empire is memorialized in this stunning pendant. The silver coin radiates a luminous glow that is complemented by the lustrous gold setting. No doubt the wealthy Phoenician merchants who sailed the seas in search of treasures would have prized this luxurious pendant themselves. While wearing this pendant, we are reminded of another time and the civilizations that have come before us. Although it harkens back to another age, this pendant appears remarkably contemporary and stylish. While civilizations rise and fall, certain symbols of wealth and elegance are enduring and never go out of fashion. - (FJ.6997)

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