Bronze Coin of King Ptolemy III of Egypt - FJ.2869 - For Sale

Bronze Coin of King Ptolemy III of Egypt - FJ.2869
Price: $3400.00
Origin: Egypt (Alexandria)
Circa: 247 BC to 222 BC
Collection: Greek Bronze Coin
Medium: bronze/gold
The Ptolemaic dynasty were Greeks who ruled Egypt following the death of Alexander the Great. Their capital of Alexandria was famous for its beauty and luxury. It reached the height of its splendor under the reign of Ptolemy III, who minted this fabulous coin to reflect the glories of his age. The coin bears the head of Zeus(king of the gods)on one side, and of his sacred eagle on the other. To wear it today in its frame of bright gold is to evoke the riches of the classical past. - (FJ.2869)

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