Silver Tetradrachm of King Ptolemy I of Egypt - FJ.3762 - For Sale

Silver Tetradrachm of King Ptolemy I of Egypt - FJ.3762
Price: $1600.00
Origin: Egypt (Alexandria)
Circa: 323 BC to 282 BC
Collection: Greek Coin Pendants
Medium: Silver/Gold
Additional Information: This splendid coin is set in an 18-karat gold pendant.
Founder of a great dynasty, Ptolemy was a Macedonian general in the intimate circle of Alexander the Great. After that king's death, Ptolemy claimed Egypt as his prize in the division of Alexander’s empire. From his luxurious capital at Alexandria, he ruled over a kingdom that became the wealthiest in the ancient world. For the next three centuries, until the death of Cleopatra, his descendants sat on the throne of Egypt. The talent and ambition that made Ptolemy a great ruler are evident in this glowing coin portrait. On the reverse are symbols of kingly power, the eagle and thunderbolt of Zeus. Set in a radiant pendant, it evokes the glories of the classical age at its height. - (FJ.3762)

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