Silver Tetradrachm Of The Phoenician City Of Tyre - FJ.4546 - For Sale

Silver Tetradrachm Of The Phoenician City Of Tyre - FJ.4546
Price: $7200.00
Origin: Lebanon
Circa: 120 BC to 57 AD
Collection: Roman Silver Coin Pendant
Style: Tyrian Shekel
Medium: Silver-Gold
Additional Information: 22 Karat Gold
In antiquity, the Phoenician port of Tyre was famous for its wealth and opulence. With trade routes throughout the Mediterranean, Tyre imported the finest luxury goods for the pleasure of its citizens. Its coinage reflects the city's confidence and power. It displays the head of the god Melkarth (known to the Greeks as Herakles) on one side and the imperial eagle of Zeus on the other. These so-called Tyrian shekels were most probably the coins paid to Judas as the famous thirty pieces of silver. Set in a dramatic pendant crafted completely in the ancient style, the coin reverberates with a sense of history. The individual who wears this superb jewel today is certain to make a little history of their own. - (FJ.4546)

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