Gold Pendant Featuring a Silver Tetradrachm from Smyrna - FJ.6297 - For Sale

Gold Pendant Featuring a Silver Tetradrachm from Smyrna - FJ.6297
Price: $4800.00
Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: 160 BC
Collection: Jewelry
Style: Greek Coin Pendants
Medium: Silver and Gold
Additional Information: This coin was found in Asia Minor.
Smyrna (the modern city of Izmir) lies on the west coast of Asia Minor. It's history dates to the very early Greek period (c. 1000 B.C.) and by the 7th. Century it was a handsome fortified city with regular streets. Throughout the Roman period Smyrna was famous for its wealth, fine buildings, and devotion to science and medicine. This very beautiful tetradrachm has the head of the city Tyche facing right wearing a turreted crown. On the reverse is the legend MYP/NAI N, and the monogram, surrounded by a laurel wreath. Tyche was a favorite goddess, especially in Roman times. Every city had its Tyche, depicted crowned with towers to symbolize her role as a guardian of cities. She was also the deified personification of Chance and Fortune; still surviving today as, "Lady Luck." This gorgeous coin sparkles with as much luster as the jewels, and both are suitable for a special person who appreciates the finer things of life from the past and present. - (FJ.6297)

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