Bronze Coin of King Agrippa I of Israel - FJ.3677 - For Sale

Bronze Coin of King Agrippa I of Israel - FJ.3677
Price: $380.00
Origin: Israel (Galilee)
Circa: 37 AD to 44 AD
Collection: Jewish Coin Pendant/ Judaica
Medium: Bronze/Gold
Additional Information: This splendid coin is set in an 18-karat gold pendant
A token of a remarkable age and an equally remarkable personality, this ancient coin links us directly with a vanished world. Educated at the imperial court of Rome, Agrippa was the personal friend of Caligula and Claudius. At its peak, his kingdom rivaled that of his grandfather, Herod the great. Agrippa was one of the few herodian kings on good terms with both his subjects and the Romans. This coin, minted without graven images in the Jewish tradition, is adorned with symbols of abundance and kingly power. The people who first held it were witness to history. Whoever wears it today in its frame of gold is certain to make a little history of their own. - (FJ.3677)

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