Vintage Flexchron Bell Ring School Clock Mechanism WORK - For Sale

Vintage Flexchron Bell Ring School Clock Mechanism WORK
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Here is a nice working 50's circa, Vintage Flexchron Bell Ring School Clock Mechanism. It measures 5.5" in height X 3 3/4" in width. This is an old Flexchron Bell Ringing Clock from an old school. In elementary school, each room had a clock above the door with a face just like this one. Most principal's office had this large housings embeded in the wall there. These were the "Master Clock" that controlled all of the other clocks in the building. This is a clock's works only. This piece works perfectly. Will work several days on a few winds. We let the clock works unwind fully, so it will not make nose in shipping. This piece is in excellent condition. See the last three pictures for sample of a clock with this clock mechanism intact.
The purpose of the clock is to ring the school bells all over the building in the morning, for lunch to start, at the end of the day, etc. Today these devices are on circuit boards and probably fit in the palm of your hand. But this device is probably from the 1950's and is all mechanically driven.

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