Vintage Borzo Lady and Dog Parastone Figurine Holland - For Sale

Vintage Borzo Lady and Dog Parastone Figurine Holland
Price: $17.70

Vintage Borzo Lady and Dog Parastone Figurine. Figurine is by Borzo, made in Holland. Figurine is in good condition. Has no breaks. Has lots of areas that paint has chips off or peeled. The back looks like a crack, but it is not. The paint has chipped off. It gives it a look lie a crack. Look at all pictures for sample. Figurine is old. Not sure how old, though. Might be from the 40's. Not sure, though. Figurine measure 8" in height X 4.5" in Length X 4.5" in Depth. Figurine weighs about 3 pounds.


Figurines from the Parastone Mouseion 3D Collection
The highly collectible figurines are from the Parastone Mouseion 3D Collection. Each figurine is a master artists interpretation of classic paintings from the master painters of Europe. PARASTONE was originally part of the famous art dealer "Borzo", which was established in the 1880s. The PARASTONE branch was set up in 1963 to do restoration work for Borzo and later specialized in restoring art in churches.

Eventually it began to create its own sculptures. These sculptures are immensely popular in Europe and are gaining momentum as collectibles in the United States. The scarcity in the US makes them an ideal gift for figurine collectors who favor the paintings of the masters and enjoy owning unusual, distinct figures. They are sure to be delighted by this whimsical interpretations of classic paintings.

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