Spiritual Throne motif~ Pua kumbu~OLD Ritual textile - For Sale

Spiritual Throne motif~ Pua kumbu~OLD Ritual textile
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The more powerful the design, the greater the danger for the weaver. The Weaver-Chemist: All the dyes used in the traditional Pua Kumbu are vegetable and fruit(mango stein-reddish color) origin, and the method of preparing the %u201Cmordant bath%u201D for the cotton yarn and the actual dye-bath are only carried out by the special divinely-ordained weavers accorded the status of %u201CIndu Tau Nakar Tau Ngar%u201D or %u201CShe Who Knows the Secret of Measuring Out the Drugs in Order to Obtain the rich colors. This pua: An old pua kumbu adorn five rows of the Petara (Spiritual throne) Top Selakoh: Throne of Petara Bottom Selakoh: Throne of Petara Ara / side border: Lachau or grass snake. Only natural dye from vegetable or fruit are used.

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