Ancient Egyptian Faience Figure Of An Ushabti, 600 Bc - For Sale

Ancient Egyptian Faience Figure Of An Ushabti, 600 Bc
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AN AUTHENTIC ANCIENT EGYPTIAN FAIENCE USHABTI WITH A BEARD, Circa 600 - 300 B.C Ushabtis: Also known as shabtis or shawabties. Probably the most collected artifacts of ancient Egypt.These magical statues were found in tombs, and hold the role of being servants.They were designed to accompany the deceased into paradise, to comply with requests from the gods.Faience: Material used by the ancient Egyptians, composed of a quartz or crystal base,covered with a vitreous,alkaline compound with calcium silicates to provide the diversity of colors and the glassy finish Measurements: Height: 8.5 cm - Width: 4 cm - Height on stand: 13.5 cm The ushabti is nicely display on a plexi-glass stand on high quality Condition: Good condition as shown in the scans ALL ITEMS THAT WE OFFER FOR SALE COME WITH A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY

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