Triple Strand Necklace of Colombian Emerald Beads - FJ.6564 - For Sale

Triple Strand Necklace of Colombian Emerald Beads - FJ.6564
Price: $6000.00
Three strands of emerald beads with a clasp of 14 karat gold.Emeralds have been esteemed since ancient times. In Upper Egypt a mine was in operation as early as 1650 B.C., with Greeks working the mines at the time of Alexander the Great; the same ones to yield magnificent emeralds for Cleopatra. The ancients wore gems not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for the curative properties the stones were believed to possess. Because of its brilliant green color, emeralds were thought to be good for eyesight, to drive off evil spirits, assist women in childbirth and help maintain the chastity of the wearer. With its simple elegance this beautiful triple strand of emerald beads recalls the jewelry worn by noble women of the ancient world, who adorned themselves for protection, good fortune and above all for the sake of beauty.Origin: Colombia Collection: Emerald Beaded Necklace Medium: Emerald/Gold

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