Amethyst Bead, Garnet Bead, and Coral Bead Necklace - FJ.4273 - For Sale

Amethyst Bead, Garnet Bead, and Coral Bead Necklace - FJ.4273
Price: $360.00
The name amethyst derives from the Greek words meaning "not drunk", for this quartz crystal was believed to keep the wearer sober no matter how much wine he might consume. Prized throughout the ancient world, amethyst was especially popular in Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Amethyst is useful for cleansing the body of impurities, for clearing the mind, and for improving the memory. It gives the wearer pleasant dreams, and is reputed to inspire creativity. Because of its purple hue, amethyst is also said to have a soothing effect on the spirit. The energy level radiating from this royal gem is especially high, causing the wearer to feel wonderful both inside and out. Garnet has been continuously popular since antiquity. Its rich colors make it especially prized for jewelry. Therapeutically, garnet is believed to keep the wearer free from wounds and to promote good health in general. It is especially useful for preventing skin disorders and for giving a glowing complexion. For centuries, coral-- like pearl, a gift of the sea-- was classed among the precious gems valued by man. Not strictly mineral, coral is an organic substance composed of the skeletons of millions of tiny marine animals. In its natural state, coral is plantlike in appearance, and grows in warm water. In hue, it varies from white, to pink, to red or orange, to black. Coral jewelry is known from the Egyptian, Biblical, classical and Islamic periods. Coral is used as a heart stimulant, as an antidote for fevers and toxins in the body, and for preventing vomiting, colic, and childhood diseases. Its mysterious strength seems to derive from the accumulated energy of living things. Collection: Jewlery Style: Beaded Necklaces Medium: Amethyst and Coral

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