Venetian Glass Trading Beads And Jasper Beads - FJ.4394 - For Sale

Venetian Glass Trading Beads And Jasper Beads - FJ.4394
Price: $480.00
For thousands of years, men and women have ornamented themselves with jewels and amulets made from jasper and glass. The early Egyptians first brought these jewels into favor, and they have remained popular ever since. Red jasper is believed to help circulate the blood, to calm anger, and to bring courage to the wearer. Glass is prized for its brilliant colors and its flexibility of form. These glass beads, created by the artisans of Venice, were first used as a medium of exchange in Africa. So popular and sought after were Venetian trade beads that they became the standard of wealth in areas of Africa, used as part of the bridal dowry. Combined together, red jasper and antique glass create a necklace of dramatic beauty, rare as a jungle flower. Whoever wears this piece will be updating an ancient tradition in a completely contemporary way.Origin: Africa Circa: 1200 BC to 1600 BC Collection: African Medium: Glass-Jasper

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