Venetian Glass Trade Bead And Goldstone Beads - FJ.4404 - For Sale

Venetian Glass Trade Bead And Goldstone Beads - FJ.4404
Price: $480.00
During the late Middle Ages and throughout the Renaissance, Venetian artisans rediscovered the ancient secrets of glass making. On the island of Murano, they created superb vessels and jewelry which were valued throughout the known world. It was also during this period that Venice became the most powerful trading nation in Europe, a city whose ships visited every port both east and west. Venetian traders used glass beads for barter, and these jewels became especially prized in Africa, where they were traded for gold, ivory, rare woods and spices. Venetian beads quickly became a medium of exchange throughout Africa, and in some tribes were used as a bridal dowry. The rare and subtle beauty of these beads continues to dazzle the senses even after the passage of centuries.A tiny universe of glittering stars, goldstone is an aventurine glass speckled with gold. Its brilliance reflects the light, giving it a constantly changing appearance. It acts as a general tonic on a physical level, with special benefit to the central nervous system. Goldstone is especially useful for aiding in meditation. Anyone gazing upon this glorious gem will be transported to another realm of the senses. Origin: Africa Circa: 1600 BC to 1800 BC Collection: African Medium: Glass-Goldstone

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