Silver Denarius of Roman Emperor Trajan - FJ.2994 - For Sale

Silver Denarius of Roman Emperor Trajan - FJ.2994
Price: $1350.00
Origin: Israel (Sebastia, Samaria)
Circa: 98 AD to 117 BC
Collection: Roman Silver Coin Pendant
Medium: silver/gold
During the reign of Trajan, the Roman Empire reached its splendid peak. From Britian to Persia, from the Danube to the Nile, the Western world was united under a single rule, a single law. Time has erased many of those ancient triumphs, yet the glory that was Rome has left a lasting impression on the world. The person lucky enough to wear this token of that Golden Age will also make an enduring impact. Jewelry for those unafraid to stand apart from the crowd. - (FJ.2994)

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Barakat Gallery
405 North Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills
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