Bronze Coin of Constantine II Struck While Caesar - C.4756 - For Sale

Bronze Coin of Constantine II Struck While Caesar - C.4756
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Bronze Coin of Constantine II Struck While Caesar - C.4756Origin: Minted in HeracleaCirca: 316 AD to 337 ADCollection: NumismaticsStyle: RomanMedium: BronzeAlthough Constantius I, full name FLAVIUS VALERIUS CONSTANTIUS, led a celebrated life, we will eternal be remembered foremost for fathering Constantine I, better known as Constantine the Great. Constantius I was a general and administrator under Emperor Maximian and achieved the rank of Caesar in 293. On the establishment of the tetrarchy (comprising two senior Augusti and two junior Cersars), Emperor Diocletian appointed him Emperor of the West and lands including Gaul. Following a long series of battles with barbarian invaders, Constantius arrived in Britain where he continued his policy of showing mercy and restoring defenses. While engaged in a campaign against the Picts (an ancient Scottish tribe), he died at Eboracum (modern York, England). His son, Constantine the Great, would become the first Emperor to convert to Christianity and the founder of Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire. However, Constantine the Great’s historical accomplishments were a reflection of his father’s ability as a general and generosity as a ruler.

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